We’re so excited to be setting up CAMP in different public places of our beautiful abundant city every day! We'll dance, share wisdom, do arts n crafts, jam it out, have meaningful talks, go on adventures in the neighborhood, form new friendships, and look fabulous doing it. We'll hold sacred space, honoring the location and leaving it more beautiful than when we arrived. Each day there will be a theme, so you can gear your look for it. Each activity period there will be options of what you can do, breakout-group style. Come for the full day, or drop in for an hour for an activity that excites you.

This is a participatory event that works with you adding your activities -- fill out the counselor form to get on board! Fill out the Camper form to play. Daily activity schedules will be announced, always with room for surprises. 

When it rains, we will stick it out when we can, and switch to a rainy day schedule when we can't. 


THE BELOW IS THE DREAM-IDEALIST VERSION OF CAMP CAMP - CURRENTLY ON HALT unless otherwise funded. Please follow the Google Calendar for events that will be held!




Noon - All-Camp Opening Circle!  

1pm - First Activity   

2pm - Second Activity  

3pm - Third Activity 

4pm - Fourth Activity  

5-7pm - Free Play! 

Later - Evening Activity 



Saturday June 1 

Where: Black Rock Bushwick

Theme: The Royal Ball Gown 

Featured Activities: The Royal Craftgasm - a Ballgown Revival at The Chanda Lair, Bushwick Art Crawl


Sunday June 2 

Where: Roosevelt Island- Figment Festival

Theme: Rebirth and the Yoniverse  

Featured activities: Camping with Womb World, we will experience being reborn, and explore all the wonders around us!


Monday June 3 

Where: Union Square 


Featured Activities: Dance Lair with the Galactivators (the Chanda Lair), Getting ready parties, Sparkle Session, Runway Strutting, Selfie Workshop 

Evening Activity: THE METRO GALA 

(...followed by a comedy show at a synagogue)


Tuesday June 4 

Where: Central Park at the Alice in Wonderland Statue 

Theme: The Mad Hatter’s Potluck Picnic 

Featured Activities: Picnic, Storytime with Alice, Walking Drum Journey 

Evening Activity: PUNDERDOME 


Wednesday June 5 

Where: Riverside Park near the Dinosaur Playground  

Theme: Summer Camp 1981 

Featured Activities:  MET Hot American Summer: Where’s the Fucking Phone Crash Stampede down Phonebooth Alley, Stone Age Photo Shoot, Friendship Bracelet Making with Lanyard and Beads 


Thursday June 6

Where: The Highline, by the amphitheater steps    

Theme: Lead On The Yellow Brick Road 

Featured Activities: Michelle Joni’s Skipping Club to Oz, Model Drawing and everyone gets to have a turn modeling, Therapy Thursdays 


Friday June 7 

Where: Maria Hernandez Park 

Theme: Fairy Friday

Featured Activities: Fairy Home Building with Pixie, Sensory Writing with there Queen of Love and Hope, Swimming in Rainbows Immersive Musical Theater   


Saturday June 8

Traveling Box Truck Adventures! It's the rap, sure. 

Sunday June 9 



Monday June 10 

Where: Tompkins Square Park 

Theme: Alphabet Super 

Featured Activities: Dance Lair, AlphabetiX School for Langwitches and Whizwords (levels one and two) 


Tuesday June 11  

Where: Washington Square Park 

Theme: Ecstatic Vision

Featured Activities: Googly Eye Mass Dissemanation, Eyeball Massage, Nap Time
Evening Activity: Ecstatic Dance 


~~~A CAMP Break from NYC… we go up to CONNECTION CAMP!~~~    

Wednesday June 12 - Sunday June 16


Monday June 17 - 

Clove Lake Park in Staten Island 

Theme: The Search for Treasure 

Featured Activities:  Trash to Treasure Arts n Crafts, Pirate adventures, Heart Opener 


Tuesday June 18 - Day Cruise!

Where: Secret Boat Location - RSVP for address mandatory 

Theme: Gods and Goddess of the Sea  

Featured activities: Archetype invention workshop, Kayaking, Massages 


Wednesday June 19  

Where: Marcus Garvey Park n Pool in Harlem 

Theme: Happy Juneteenth! 

Featured activities: Freestyle Freeplay, synchronized swimming, Relay Races


Thursday June 20

Where: Bethesda Fountain, Central Park 

Theme: Under the Sea 

Featured Activities: Stretching in Public with Vinny, Splish Splash Photo Shoot, Therapy Thursdays 

Evening Activity: Thursday Throttle with the Broken PROMises 


Friday June 21  

Where: Seaglass Carousel, Battery Park 

Theme: A Mermaid Metamorphasis for National Selfie Day 

Featured activities: Mermaid Costume Arts n Crafts, Hair brushing and braiding, Soulstice Selfie Workshop 


Saturday June 22
Where: Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade

Theme: Mermaid Life for Life 


Sunday June 23 



Monday June 24 

Where: Peretz Square, First and First

Theme: The Nexus of the Universe

Featured Activities: Talent Show, Orb it


Tuesday June 25 

Where: Van Cortland Park, The Bronx 

Theme: Rainbow Vortex 

Featured Activities: Rock ya Chakras, Massage Trains and Chills Games, Coloring 


Wednesday June 26 

Where: Prospect Park - Le Frak Roller Skating Rink in the morning, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the afternoon 

Theme: Delicate Flower 

Featured Activities: Brown Crayon Draw n Cry, Roller Skating, Be a Freestyle FLOWer  


Thursday June 27 

Where: Madison Square Park 

Theme: Happy National Pineapple Day!

Featured Activities: Decorate a Pineapple in Arts n Crafts, Spine Alignement, Rainbow Pineapple Meditation 


Friday June 28 

Where: Rockaway Beach 

Theme: Malibu Barbie Dreamlife 

Featured Activities: Barbie Skit Making, Glamourous ocean photo shoot, Sunbathing 


Saturday June 29 - MET Hot American Summer - GET GAY MARRIED! Book your pride wedding at a secret lake 


Sunday June 30 - PRIDE!!!




When: Mondays Mornings, 10:23 - Noon  

Where: The Chanda Lair in Black Rock Bushwick - RSVP for Address

Lead Counselor: Michelle Joni

Launch into your week in motion! Join on the sprung dance floors in the mirror-wall’d Temple of the Chanda Lair. New DJs spin each week, and then we connect in an accountability circle with our big dreams and immediate goals to move into a productive week.


ALPHABETIX School for Langwitches and Whizwords

When: Mondays 1:30 - 2:30

Where: Alphabet City - Tompkins Square Park

Lead Counselor: Michelle Joni

What’s your Power Letter? Learn to harness the power of what you already know about the Alphabet, find your Letter Tribe, cast spells, and do more with language!  



Mondays 5-7pm

Where: Washington Square Park 

Lead Counselor: Vinny Bonanno

Our bodies were designed to stretch, and all these surfaces around the city seem to have been perfectly designed for us to stretch upon them! Bring the yoga lifestyle out into the streets and subways of New York all city long, make good use of your commute, and join for our scheduled stretches in WashSqPk and around the city.


When: Tuesdays, Noon - 2

Where: Varying locations

We all need a little more touch in our lives! Get in a massage train, give each other the chills, and play with hair. Massage guidance and chills games will be taught!



When: Wednesdays, 3-6 PM

Where: Location varies by week

Co-Counselor: Esperanza Yennie

Go on a roving freestyle jam and mischief making adventure! Bring your beat, your bars, your rhymes, your ukuleles and your drums as we visit spots on our NYC Summer bucket list.



When: Thursdays at 2-3PM

Where: Locations vary by week

Themes vary by Week

Started in 2013 with the realization that skipping gets us there faster -- and lights up the world around us while being an excellent workout, this fitness flash mob in motion is a signature summer event. Come dress up for the theme and frolic around painting the streets with joy, love and positivity!



When: Thursdays 6-8PM

Where: Locations vary by week

Co-Counselor: @not_a_therapist on Instagram

Because we all need somebody to talk to!



Where: Locations vary by week, starting at 10:23 going till sunset 

At a beautiful location, we'll post up for activities, coworking sessions, dance parties, music jams, yoga, Fairy Friday fun, arts n crafts, workshops, skill shares and beyond. Bring a picnic and your projects. 



with counselor Amy Grace 

Various Dates and times: 


What: The WHERE’S THE FUCKING PHONE Stampede Fiasco

When: Wednesday, June 5, 1:07 PM

Where: 101st Street

We’ll make our way down Old-Phone-Booth Alley on West End Avenue! Apparently the last 4 phone booths in all of New York City are/(were?) on 101st street, 100th street, 90th street, and 66th street… all on West End Avenue. We’ll go on our search down the avenue… how far will you make it!?

Bring: Things to crash and throw around. These things must not break when they hit the ground! The should clatter, crash, and be a total epidemic. We will try to find the fucking phone.


What: Meet Me At The Picnic Table In 10 Seconds And I’ll Explain Everything About My Science Project

When: Tuesday, June 18th, 7:52 PM

Where: East River State Park

Share your Science Project with the other Indoor Kids! When the sun sets we will learn about space, stars, planets and black holes with a Real Astronomer

Bring: Your Science Project

What: Brown Crayon Draw n Cry

When: Wednesday, June 26, 10:58 AM

Where: Somewhere near LeFrak Skating Center

We will draw pictures and share our feelings

Bring: literally hundreds of colored markers


What: Get Gay Married by the Lake! Officiated by Michelle Joni au Beth

When: Friday, June 28th, 4:22 PM

Where: Secret Spot by the Lake

To kick off PRIDE weekend, why go to City Hall when you can go down to the lake? If you are a very special in love gold shed gettin kinda couple ready to make things official, we’ve got your backside. Yes, this will be a real wedding (Michelle Joni has been ordained on the internet!). There will be flute and fruit, and you will bring your very best friends dressed in flowers. There will be a subtle blocked holding pen for wedding groups to congregate. To apply to get married in the Met Hot American Summer Wedding, email campcampnyc@gmail.com with your photo and love story! SUBJ LINE Chaise Lounge

Bring: Your wedding posse