May 23, 2019


When former Vogue intern, Skipping Club leader, singer-songwriter, TEDx speaker and longtime Summer Camp savant (who was in the original Wet Hot American Summer movie!) Michelle Joni got wind of this year's MET Gala theme and witnessed the pink carpet.... something stirred deep inside her: CAMP is the answer to everything. 


With a twist of words and a turn of the healing touch, the serial FUNtrepreneur -- whose mission to bring adults back to their playfully intuitive and expressive selves became a global viral sensation with her project Preschool Mastermind --- is starting CAMP!  It's Camp Camp, darling, and it's taking to the streets, subways and parks of NYC this June and July... kicking off with the METRO GALA on June 3rd, a FUNdraiser and public display of CAMP proving that anywhere can be the red carpet.


This all-inclusive CAMP will post up in a different public Headquarters each day, from 10:23 AM till 6pm, and feature a schedule of opening circle, 2 activities, lunch, 2 more activities, then free play. Multiple quirky daily activities will be created by Counselors in a participatory fashion, such as trash-pickup dance parties around the neighborhood, Stretching in Public, massage trains, hopscotch, and arts n crafts. You can even put yourself in detention - aka do-you-own-work-time... this is NYC after all! Just a little less lonely and boring. People are encouraged to dress up and be campy according to each day's theme... though you can come as you are, and the camp crew is on site to help sparkle you up as much as you are ready. This is a movement to connect humans with other humans, make beautiful use of public space, with intentions of integrating the bubble of Burning Man lifestyle into the mainstream.


"I learned so much in CAMP growing up! And being Campy in my everyday life brings me closer to people" Michelle Joni says, “dressing up and being playful and outrageous helps people build confidence and connect. There are so many under-used spaces in the city for connection, such as subway cars. Humans have so many superpowers and talents, so much potential -- they just don't have enough excuses or permission to tap into it all. I am committed to bringing out the playful spirit in everyone, and success-fully gamifying life." 


Though Ms. Joni's reputation is in charging thousands of dollars to play with her, CAMP CAMP will be run by DOUGH NATION, a sliding scale format, encouraging people of all walks - and skips - to play and give as little or as much as they can. Paypal contributions to help the project liftoff can be sent to

Camp Camp has joyfully partnered with The Connection Movement, headed by Amy Silverman, which has spent the last eight years connecting humans to heal the fabric of society, and includes a 4-day adult sleep-away camp experience, Connection Camp, in mid June. 


website with Activity schedule, Packing list, sign-ups to be a Camp Camp Camper or Counselor, and details is here: 

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