CAMP Packing List  

Hey Campy Friends <3 ! We're so excited to have you part of this summer's fun. As a participant, we're counting on you to help spread the joy and love we wish to see more of in the world.  

This list is here to give you an idea of what to bring to CAMP activities -- also on any day, anywhere in the world, to generate your own sustainable ::magical:: CAMP experience where ere you go! 


Lady Gaga shouldn't be the only one who gets to change her outfit 4 times, and Janelle Monae shouldn't be the only one to wear a quadruple stacked fantasy hat... you're in charge of your own experience! Depending on the activity or day's theme, we encourage you to dress up as outrageously as you dare. Comfort is important - and don't forget you can be fabulous AND comfortable.


ALL ITEMS and DRESS-UP THEM ES are ULTIMATELY OPTIONAL! You definitely do NOT have to have all of these items on you to show up at a CAMP CAMP activity... we do suggest you have at least some though ;) 


- Backpack or Tote to hold it all 

- Water Bottle - best with strap or scarf that attaches to your body 

- Your "Bliss" - reusable vessel(s) for food and drink 

- A scarf or piece of fabulous fabric to use for warmth, sitting on the ground, pop-up decor

- Sparkles / flair - to decorate yourself or others on the go  

- Gifts! This could be flowers, gems, snack packs, pins, curious objects - things you're ready to part with! 

- Stickers (or your version of a business card - with your name/instagram for easy connecting) 

- Snacks - because food  

- A Music Maker:  Portable Speaker (charged!) - or instrument such as a shaker egg, bongo drum, ukulele 

- Sunscreen 

- Hand Sanitizer / lotion / lip balm / floss 

- Toys and games! Flow arts toys, deck of cards, 

- Shrine items: such as Crystals, burnables like paolo santo, tarot, 

- A friend: a stuffed animal, doll, mini statue, or other  

- Art/Writing supplies to fit your mood - a Notebook + Pen / Sharpie / Marker set 

- On-theme headpieces and accessories  

- An extra tote bag inside your bag in case you acquire more things and need to expand 

- A plastic bag - to hold onto your own garbage, and to pick up trash along the way  

- Portable Charger Charged up + all your wires! 

- When it rains: Disco Umbrella, Poncho or garbage bag for surfaces, Rain boots, Jacket/fashionable plastic bags 


- Sign up to be a CAMPER

- Watch the original Wet Hot American Summer movie. 3 times

- Go thrifting! Hit the SALV - go straight for the fancy looking racks. Decorate the items you already have. Consider this an invitation to dress up.