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Director/Choreographer MICHELLE JONI

Hello, CampCamp Director here!!! I've always craved for somebody to organize my life like summer camp, filling it with all the activities I want to pursue... and I realized it had to be me! When the PINK carpet happened at the Met Gala something stirred deep inside me.... CAMP is the answer to all our problems. Not only did I intern at VOGUE, I also went to camp - as both a camper and counselor - for 11 years. I am so grateful for this experience and want to share it with everyone! I also think that if societies were organized like sleepaway camp, what incredible humans we'd all be. I believe it an be done, and it starts now. 

I've been part of the adult sleep away camps in their recent years, and also had the deep honor of being in the greatest movie of all time, Wet Hot American Summer.